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With the concept C to create value for our customers, Ronsen has successfully expended its market from Zhujiang Delta to Yangtze Delta and then gradually radiate to the whole country as a well-known brand in enameled wire trade.
After having become the main supplier for relay market, Ronsen targets at the upscale motor, motorcycle ignition coil, 4-way valve, etc. markets which have higher quality request.
As for the overseas market, Ronsen has steadily march towards Asian traditional and emerging market.

Address: Sanzao Technological Industry Park Jinwan Zhuhai Guangdong China
Oversea sales team:
Oversea sales director: Brian, Mail:
Tel: 0086-756-7512363, Mobile:0086-13928035905

Oversea sales manager: Alvin, Mail:
Tel: 0086-756-7512032, Mobile:0086-18688191936

Japanese Language sales manager: Crstal, Mail:
Tel:0086-756-7517597, Mobile: 0086-13798999685

Fax: 0086-756-7511606 


Iran Sales office:
Address: No.214, Dangi Alley, Pamenar Ave, Tehran, Iran
Sales manager: Hamid Reza Lotfizad, Mail:
Tel: 0098-21-33906463/33910958

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